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Women’s Substance Abuse Extended Care Program Success Rate

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by Dori Corrado Gay No Comments

Eden Hill, a substance abuse extended care program for women in recovery from drugs and alcohol conducted a survey to determine how many women remained in recovery after they completed the two month program. The time frame analyzed was between January, 2011 and January, 2014. The percentage of women who remained clean and sober was 78%!

Because Eden Hill is a small, 12 bed facility the staff is able to keep contact via text, email and Facebook with most of the former residents. Those that were surveyed had stayed the recommended minimum of two months. In some cases the former residents did not respond to phone calls or texts. The assumption was made that these women had relapsed and that is why they did not respond. In some cases we knew that other residents had relapsed because they kept contact with other former residents.

This analysis is an endorsement of the need for aftercare upon leaving inpatient treatment. According to Lash and Blosser, 1999 , addicts and alcoholics who have been in an inpatient treatment program have a high proportion of relapse within three months of a return back to their home community. A program like Eden Hill gives women a chance to slowly transition back to their homes while they address psychological and family relationship issues which can negatively impact their chance for long- term recovery. Eden Hill has found that helping women increase their self -esteem is a key component in decreasing relapse rates.

The Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) commissioned a study by National Evaluation Data Services to determine the effectiveness of women’s substance abuse treatment programs (NEDS, 2001). They reported that “historically, substance abuse treatment programs have been designed for the needs of a predominately male client population. Despite growing demand for substance abuse treatment for women, information about the types of treatment services that are most effective for women is limited.” However, this report concluded that women only treatment programs along with those enhanced with therapy provide a “value added to the base rate effects of standard treatment programs”.


The women only program at Eden Hill provides women with a chance to form friendships with other women who understand their issues. Many times women who suffer from substance abuse problems have a history of low self esteem and unhealthy relationships with men. Working on relapse prevention as well as issues specific to women can improve the chances for long term success.

Written by Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay is the owner of Eden Hill Recovery Retreat which is a transitional inpatient facility for women in the northwest corner of Connecticut. As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Dori specializes in helping female clients with addiction issues as well as providing therapy for their families. More about Dori Gay on Google+

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