Eden Hill Recovery Retreat
A Step Toward Home

Our Clinical Program

While the most important aspect of life at Eden Hill is to maintain sobriety, our mission is to provide residents with a life plan that will facilitate re-integration into their home community. The devastation of addiction and dual diagnosis issues leave long term scars that need to be addressed. Many times family relationships are strained, physical health has deteriorated and careers have been abandoned or destroyed.

The first step in the clinical program is to review the records from the previously attended treatment programs and to discuss clinical issues with former counselors or therapists when appropriate. The intake will be handled by the director who is a Certified Addiction’s Counselor. After an extensive intake session, the resident and counselor will agree upon a treatment plan and goals that are based upon the individual needs of the client including length of stay although there is a 60 day minimum. If indicated, the director will arrange an appointment with a psychiatrist or specialized mental health provider if the client presents with special needs that are not able to be handled by the director.

This plan will cover psychological issues as well as action items to address exercise, nutrition, career goals, family relationship/ communication, and any other activities that will improve self esteem and support sobriety. All residents will be asked to attend at least one AA meeting a day and work on their plan to address personal addiction issues.

Five times a week the director or licensed therapist will facilitate group therapy that focuses on treatment issues relating to relationships and self esteem as well as updates from each resident regarding their personal goals. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will be utilized to encourage elimination of maladaptive assumptions that are replaced with specific behaviors to increase success for residents when they arrive home. Issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma will be discussed in the weekly individual therapy sessions with a licensed clinician.

Eden Hill will encourage daily activities such as exercise, nutrition, and volunteer work. While there will be free time available, the residents will be asked to report each day’s schedule of activities to the House Supervisor at the regular 9:00 AM group meeting. During this time, the dinner menu will be discussed and each resident will be asked to participate in preparation. At 5:00 PM, the residents will come together to discuss the days activities and eat a family style dinner. Preparation of breakfast and lunch will be the responsibility of each resident.

Before the resident leaves Eden Hill she will be asked to write up a focused and detailed personal plan that she will implement upon her return home. This will include a scheduled appointment time with a mental health provider in her home community. In addition, she will determine a strategy for becoming integrated into her home AA community. Lastly, if she feels it would be helpful, a return to Eden Hill for a relapse prevention weekend might be scheduled.