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My Life Had Become Unmanageable…

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by Dori Corrado Gay No Comments

My life had become unmanageable, period! After 30 years I hit rock bottom. My
family decided to make a hard but life saving decision. They didn’t come running
to my rescue this time, they needed me to see I needed help that I needed to
change!! At this point it was only me and God. If I didn’t have Him there
wouldn’t be sobriety for Janice A.

My inner self work came when I went to Eden Hill. I was given a safe, loving,
understanding environment. Daily therapy, group meetings, outside AA/NA meetings
and daily interaction with different ladies of similar issues gave me HOPE that
I would be able to continue this journey One Day At A Time!

My husband and I are now back together, the relationships with family, friends
etc are mending. EVERY aspect of my life is going in the right direction!


Written by Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay is the owner of Eden Hill Recovery Retreat which is a transitional inpatient facility for women in the northwest corner of Connecticut. As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Dori specializes in helping female clients with addiction issues as well as providing therapy for their families. More about Dori Gay on Google+

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