Eden Hill Recovery Retreat
A Step Toward Home

Family Programs

When addiction takes over the life of an individual the disease seriously affects the family and friends. Children are confused, spouses feel abandoned and many times the focus on the addicted individual has strained the family emotionally and financially. Personal interactions become difficult and communication is compromised leaving the family feeling angry and out of control. At Eden Hill we believe that the healing process has to include those closest to the resident whether it be the nuclear family or close friends.

After the resident becomes comfortable with life in the Eden Hill community, family and friends may visit on the weekend and stay at the Bed and Breakfast next door or one of the many comfortable accommodations in the northwest corner of Connecticut. During the day on Saturday the resident and family can spend the day at Eden Hill or go to one of the many weekend activities that are ongoing in the community. Saturday night will be family night and the residents will be prepare dinner for family and friends with child appropriate activities included.

Eden Hill believes that therapy in a more confidential setting will advance the healing process. Therefore, Eden Hill’s emphasis will be on sitting down with each family in a family therapy session to develop a healing plan of action for all of the family members or close friends.