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Extended care for women: A personal success story

Posted on: December 9th, 2013 by Dori Corrado Gay No Comments

I chose transitional living after spending six weeks at Mountainside inpatient treatment because I knew I was not ready to return home. I came to Eden Hill expecting to only stay two months. It was easy to assimilate into the family oriented environment and I began to feel at home quickly. I soon made friends that I still have to this day, 12 months later. The structured day helped me transition from an inpatient facility. The mandatory attendance of meetings is important to build a foundation for recovery. It encourages the residents to begin meeting with a sponsor and working on the steps early while healing ourselves through the program is our main focus. Daily reflections were helpful for the women in the house to see where everyone was at for the day, identifying our mindset that day and if there were any problems that needed to be addressed.

There are always staff members available to talk. Janet is a wonderful therapist who is at the house for individual sessions and also facilitates groups. Dori sees the families of residents to help repair the years of damage our addictions have caused. The importance of family therapy was evident to me even while in treatment. Dori helped facilitate calm communication regarding specific issues between my parents, my sister and I. This was no small task. After being at the house for about a month and a half, my dad died. The entire house came to my rescue. My best friend that I met at the house came home with me for the services and did not leave my side. All the staff and residents offered their support and love. Extended care for women: A personal success story

It was at this time I learned the importance of asking for help, and accepting it. I learned what real friendship was here. I ended up staying four months longer than expected, but I never stopped growing. Eden Hill facilitated improvement within myself and within my family that allowed me to get a job and return to school. Although Eden Hill provided more protection and support than I can explain in the difficult days I experienced in early sobriety, the help did not end when I was no longer a resident. Former residents are welcomed back with open arms. Tara and Dori still make time for my family and me in good times and bad times. Having such an amazing support system of women that I began developing at Eden Hill has allowed me to chase my goals and return to school. It allows me to venture out and do things that have previously scared me because the foundation of support that Eden Hill created follows me in all areas of my life.

Written by Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay is the owner of Eden Hill Recovery Retreat which is a transitional inpatient facility for women in the northwest corner of Connecticut. As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Dori specializes in helping female clients with addiction issues as well as providing therapy for their families. More about Dori Gay on Google+

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