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Connecticut Women’s Drug Alcohol Rehab Center

For women in Connecticut who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, there is a limited number of treatment centers available focusing only on the needs of women.  If you are seeking help with addiction and recovery or with relapse issues, Eden Hill can help you on this journey. Because we are a women’s only facility, we are in position to offer complete treatment and rehabilitation programs that address the unique circumstances of women.

Our approach to drug and alcohol treatment for women

At Eden Hill, we provide extended care drug and alcohol treatment programs that emphasize a holistic approach through the Twelve Step program. We treat not only the symptoms and causes of addiction, but also acknowledge that mind, body, and spirit must be healthy for healing to take place. We also know that there may be many underlying factors that contribute to the addictions, and we seek to find any Co-occurring disorders that may be present in order to deliver a therapeutic program that takes all factors into consideration and treats them as well.

Why women only drug and alcohol rehab works

Women only drug and alcohol programs are highly successful for a number of reasons. These programs and facilities provide a greater sense of community and reassurance that their peers are undergoing similar struggles and face the same pressures. This sense of solidarity helps improve treatment methodologies and reduces relapse rates. In addition, other factors that contribute to the success of these programs include:

  • A sense of safety is established – Women may feel uncomfortable in mixed gender programs. Women only settings have participants with similar problems living side-by-side, creating a relaxing and emotionally comfortable environment.
  • Women face different issues that contribute to addiction than do men. These contributing factors include co-dependency, physical and sexual abuse, and self-image issues.
  • The support structure is stronger – Treatment response has a greater rate of success when women network with other women, and not have to navigate inter-gender dynamics.
  • The opportunity to speak openly – Women feel more comfortable talking about their addiction around other women, rather than in mixed gender settings. This allows for a greater chance of a breakthrough that triggers the recovery process.

Women only treatment programs utilize the same methodologies as those for traditional programs: detoxification followed by short or long-term treatment programs, incorporating a balance of group and individual counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),  and post treatment support.