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Women’s Transitional Extended Care or Sober Living Homes?

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Aftercare for women who complete an inpatient, primary care facility for substance abuse can be transitional extended care or a sober living home. She has to decide whether she is ready and able to return home or if a more structured facility is a better choice. There are several options.

The first is to return home and go to AA meetings. This is usually very difficult because the personal relationships, triggers and issues are the same. Twenty eight days sober is so little time to prepare her for returning to her home environment where she will face the environment that fostered her addiction initially.

Women’s Transitional Extended Care or Sober Living Homes?Sometimes women will elect to go to an outpatient facility near their home where there is some accountability in terms of random testing for drugs and alcohol. While programs vary there are usually group meetings 3-5 times per week as well as a weekly session with a substance abuse counselor and/or psychotherapist. Outpatient is a better alternative to trying to succeed by herself but it does not address relationship issues and family stressors in which she finds herself enmeshed.

Another option is a traditional sober house. Most sober houses require that a woman has a job. She is living with other women in recovery and there is random testing. Under most circumstances the sober house does not provide therapy or monitor her activities on a daily basis. They provide a sober environment and the support of other women but not therapy, career counseling or professional staff.

A transitional living facility like Eden Hill provides a more structured environment. There is 24/7 staff coverage, individual therapy on premises with a licensed therapist and daily group sessions that address underlying emotional issues as well as providing tools that prepare the resident for her return home. While Eden Hill is 12-step based, therapy and substance abuse counseling are an integral part of the program as is an emphasis on healthy lifestyle and exercise. A membership to a fitness center is included in the fee because physical health is yet another component of long term sobriety. There is a two month minimum because it takes that amount of time to help a woman adjust to a sober lifestyle, work on mind/body issues and repair the relationships that have been devastated by the disease of addiction. Once a week a yoga/mediation specialist come to Eden Hill to work with the women on tools to help them learn how to self soothe without alcohol and drugs.

Deciding on your course of action after a 28 day program is crucial to the success of your sobriety. Consider the long term rewards of sobriety rather than the short term sacrifice of the appropriate aftercare.

Written by Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay is the owner of Eden Hill Recovery Retreat which is a transitional inpatient facility for women in the northwest corner of Connecticut. As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Dori specializes in helping female clients with addiction issues as well as providing therapy for their families. More about Dori Gay on Google+

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