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I am an alcoholic

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by Dori Corrado Gay No Comments

I am an alcoholic. As I look back, I believe I always drank alcoholically, although my life was manageable until a few years ago. I never entertained the possibility or the reality that I was indeed an alcoholic until I found myself alone, without a job and unable to get through even a small portion of my day without drinking. About 18 months ago I was admitted to a local Detox unit for the first time, with a blood alcohol level of 4.16. I remained an inpatient for 7 days and was transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation center for an additional 21 days. I clearly remember my discharge date and my thoughts that while feeling so much better, certainly I was not the alcoholic person I was diagnosed to be. After all, I grew up in an alcoholic family and had a bloodline of alcoholic relatives – I did not perceive myself even remotely similar. I was convinced that this was just a mistake and that I could control my drinking. I proceeded to continue my life as I had been. I was readmitted to Detox, had various visits to emergency rooms due to falls and highly elevated blood alcohol levels. I even agreed to an outpatient therapy program. I clearly remember on Halloween evening though, calling my dearest friend for help (who is also in program and was enjoying her 4th year of sobriety). I knew at that point that I was unable to stop drinking and was begging for help. What I did not know was that this was a turning point for me. I was readmitted to a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. By this time I had been characterized as a chronic relapser, and it was suggested to me that I consider a long term rehabilitation center. I can’t begin to share with you my feelings of bewilderment, disbelief and fear. Eden Hill Recovery Center was suggested as an option for treatment, and after much crying and praying, the decision was made to travel to CT. There I was met by a caring, concerned staff and treated with dignity, compassion and respect. It is there that I finally was able to comprehend the seriousness of my disease, and begin the journey of recovery. I was frightened and lonely, but slowly began to recover. I remained at Eden Hill for 4 ½ months, each day gaining hope, strength and insight. I was a resident during the holiday season, celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and I welcomed in the New Year at Eden Hill. My new “family” helped me recognize the rewards of and joy in sobriety. I adjusted to the schedule and embraced each new day in my recovery process. When I returned to my home, I continued to follow suggestions and skills I learned. I now have 14 months of continuous sobriety; I have a new job and most importantly am regaining the trust of my children, family and friends. I am living each day, one day at a time and am developing a relationship with the God of my understanding. Most of all, I am happy and content. Each new day to me is a gift and a blessing. I am so grateful to Eden Hill and the caring, dedicated staff – without that experience I firmly believe that I would not be sober today.

Written by Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay

Dori Corrado Gay is the owner of Eden Hill Recovery Retreat which is a transitional inpatient facility for women in the northwest corner of Connecticut. As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Dori specializes in helping female clients with addiction issues as well as providing therapy for their families. More about Dori Gay on Google+

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