Hundreds of women have passed through our doors with a remarkable rate of long-term recovery.

Our comfortable home, complete with luxury amenities, is the perfect setting to cultivate initial growth from inpatient treatment into habitual self-care and long-term recovery.


  • Accommodations for 12 women

  • 24/7 care from professional staff

  • Situated on 18 acres with an orchard and beautiful gardens

  • Approx. 1 mile walking path around property

  • Complimentary membership to local gym

  • Luxury chef's kitchen, fully-stocked pantry & refrigerator

  • In-ground hot tub and grill during summer months

  • Library of recovery, health & wellness books

  • Washing machine & dryer

  • Wireless internet, printing, house computer

  • TV with cable, premium movie channels, Netflix, Xbox and more

building good habits

For many women with substance use disorders, the tasks people might label “simple” daily upkeep, can prove exceptionally challenging—both in active addiction and continuing into early sobriety. Encouraging seemingly small tasks is the foundation for building self-esteem and fostering confidence, independence and discipline moving forward.

Residents are asked to make their beds every morning, perform their chores as required, and share responsibility for the upkeep of the house. To effectively build routines that can continue at home, each woman is responsible for arriving at all groups on time and abiding by all house rules.

Resuming day-to-day obligations like financial matters, correspondence with friends & family and personal & professional matters can be a healthy practice. At the glass table in the vestibule you will often find several women sitting in “their office” offering support to one another as they tackle these obligations that life demands. Residents take advantage of our high-speed wireless internet and laptop-friendly policy to take care of this business at home. We always monitor the amount of energy expended in these endeavors to ensure that women are not preoccupying themselves with matters outside of their recovery at the expense of their sobriety.

Learning how to balance the different aspects of being a sober adult can be difficult. Facing and addressing financial or work related topics can be difficult, so staff is always there to assist in any way possible. Assisting with step by step plans to complete goals, teaching budgeting techniques, helping to set personal boundaries, and other skill building assistance are just a few of the valuable tools staff is ready to offer our residents.


meals from our chef's kitchen

Our state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen, in addition to the exceptional local produce, inspire our residents to prepare fresh, healthy and delicious meals. Each night of the week residents gather together for dinner, sharing both meal preparation, lively conversation around the table, and responsibility for cleaning up the kitchen.

Monday-Friday one resident is designated chef for the evening based on a calendar created at the beginning of each month. They are given a protein, starch and vegetable to base their meal upon (much like on a house favorite Food Network show "Chopped") taking advantage of the fully-stocked pantry and refrigerator to create a meal of their choice!

For many residents cooking can be a triggering process; creating a new context for this activity by replacing old memories with new sober ones is one example of how living at Eden Hill decreases the stress of the abrupt return home directly after treatment. 

Extended Care Program

Eden Hill offers a safe home and structured daily program for women in recovery. As the physical and emotional difficulties of early sobriety subside, residents maintain a consistent schedule, complete daily responsibilities and engage in self-reflection to help rebuild productive, healthy behaviors. When indicated, life skills and occupational development support is also available.

Our Approach

Designed Exclusively For Women

All-female sober living is demonstrated to have a profound impact on lasting recovery. Sharing a space with other sober women is a powerful means of overcoming fears, judgments and build new relationships. The trust and love that we have seen grow in these female friendships are unlike anything else.

Women Only.

Beautiful Home in Country Setting

Our 18 acre property is a peaceful and serene setting to recover from substance use and co-occuring disorders. Our amenities and home-like environment ensure the comfort of all residents.

Your New Home

Your Eden Hill Family

Alumni will testify that the professionals of Eden Hill will go above and beyond for each resident. 24/7 staff coverage provides constant access to support for all residents. Meet our team of committed, supportive staff members.

Who We Are...