Healing For A Family Disease

"My wife and I want to express our gratitude to Megan, Dori, Anna and the
rest of the team at Eden Hill for all that you have done for our daughter and indeed our family. Eden Hill has changed her life. 

In your wonderful caring "home" environment, she received the ideal set
of treatments and support services to allow her to heal and develop skills to face and manage the challenges of addiction. Your team offered guidance, reassurance, resources, and most of all, friendship during the most difficult of times.

The staff at Eden Hill are a compassionate and helpful partner to families.
Knowing you were with her took a weight off our shoulders; just knowing that our daughter was not alone facing these challenges provided relief and, most importantly, hope.  And as for the outcome....well, our daughter is living a happy, healthy, independent life thanks to her time at Eden Hill."

    -   James & Mary P.

When addiction takes over the life of an individual the disease affects the lives of their family and loved ones. Frequently in early recovery, children are confused, spouses feel abandoned and many times the focus on the "identified patient" has strained the family emotionally and financially.

Personal interactions can become difficult and ineffective communication can leave the family feeling helpless and sometimes resentful.

Family Therapy      

At Eden Hill we believe that the healing process has to include those closest to the resident. Founder and Owner Dori Gay, LMFT, founded Eden Hill as a safe place for women with families to recovery and support the healing of the family unit through therapy and weekend visits. Clinical Director Wendy Walker Cleary, LCSW-R, also has decades of experience working with those with substance use and their families.

Clinical Director Wendy Walker Cleary, LMFT, practices Imago Relationship Therapy, a highly effective form of relationship and couples therapy. Many couples' problems can be rooted in misunderstanding, manipulation or avoided communications. The Imago Dialogue helps transform conflicts through the discovery and acknowledgment of each partner's distinct perception of events. This technique restructures a couple's dialogue so that what you say is mirrored back to you, is validated and empathized with.  

Wendy is available for scheduled family sessions at Eden Hill and can also offer support over the phone. Our residents are mothers, daughters, spouses, siblings and more. Healing these important relationships helps alleviate the shame and guilt many women feel when recovering from active substance and alcohol use.

Family Visits      

Per the resident’s request and discussion with her counselor, family and friends can visit on weekends. Spending quality time with loved ones can help motivate and inspire women to maintain sobriety. Feeling a child, spouse or parent's support first-hand is a beautiful thing to witness, and we love watching families unite over Sunday brunch with Anna! (And yes, she takes special orders)       

If visitors are traveling from far away and would like to stay locally, there are quaint inns and Bed and Breakfasts in the northwest corner of Connecticut. During these visits, family and loved ones are welcome to enjoy time together on our beautiful campus or go out and explore the surrounding towns.

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