In Pursuit of Self-Discovery and Recovery


The day beings promptly at 9AM with Community Reflections group. At this time each resident shares her plan for the day (including which 12-Step or other support meeting she will attend) and is able to sign up for meetings with our clinical team. After a plan is set for the day, a resident selects a daily reading of her choice and each resident reflects on that reading and how it relates to her sobriety. Residents can also take this opportunity to check-in and ask the group for support with any issues she may be facing.

Monday through Thursday at 10AM residents participate in a group that focuses on recovery. Some days that means reading and discussing recovery literature while other days the group will focus on creativity, health & wellness and life skills. Because of our size we are able to adapt groups to best help our current census

Our Friday morning yoga and meditation class offers residents the opportunity to practice mindfulness and grounding techniques as well as activate the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. Yoga instructor Suzanne Mazzarelli, MSW, PYT, and pioneer in the field of the Mind-Body-Spirit approach to recovery successfully tailors the class to each woman's comfort level and abilities.



Residents have personal time from 11AM-3PM. Many women use this time to attend a local noon AA meeting or take advantage of their complimentary gym membership. Others prefer to relax at the house, reading and preparing delicious and healthy lunches from our fully-stocked refrigerator. It is also an opportune time to explore the area; either going for a hike or visiting the nearby towns of Great Barrington or Salisbury for coffee or ice cream.

Afternoon Group

Afternoon group starts at 3PM and differs each day of the week to promote growth in all areas of residents' lives.

During Monday group each resident sets three measurable Sober Goals that will further her recovery, rates her past week from 1-10 explaining the contributing factors, and tells the group something she is looking forward to in the coming week. A huge part of recovery is knowing when and how to ask for help, and we encourage residents to let the group know how to support her with these goals and other challenges she faces.

On Tuesdays, Executive Director Megan Wyrick leads a relapse prevention group where women collaborate to develop strategies for overcoming cravings for alcohol and drugs. Megan will teach a variety of tools including grounding techniques, "playing the tape through," keeping a list of trusted sober friends to call when triggered or experiencing a craving and more. 

For Wednesday group, Clinical Director Wendy Walker Cleary leads residents through "The Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps" by Stephanie Covington, Ph.D. A woman's experience with substance use brings a different set of risks, challenges and trauma than a man's, and this book addresses these experiences with healing messages. We have found that the book resonates with our female residents addressing the psychological development of women as it relates to addiction and recovery as well as the social and cultural factors that affect women in particular.

Thursday afternoons Wendy runs a processing group where the women are able to discuss anything in a safe environment. Wendy helps the women engage in healthy communication as they offer varying perspectives, emotional support, helpful feedback and encouragement.

During Friday group women are asked to share their stories with the other residents. In our intimate living room women can open up about the emotional burdens, shame and trauma that accompany alcoholism and addiction. It is through this process that women can start to heal as they begin to accept their past and look toward their future.



To encourage residents to be self-sufficient and to practice self-care, we ask a different resident to be responsible for cooking dinner Monday-Friday. If you are not experienced, do not worry! We find that this tradition invites collaboration and it is a wonderful sight to watch our residents band together to help, teach and learn from one another; to smell the food being prepared and to hear the laughter and music that often accompanies the cooking.


On weekends residents have time to themselves to visit with family or explore the area. Parents, spouses, children and other loved ones are invited on Saturdays and Sundays to visit—allowing residents to remain close to those who matter most. On Saturday evening there is an in-house meeting in our comfortable, intimate living room. Many alumni attend this meeting helping to build a sense of community.