Eden Hill Recovery Retreat
A Step Toward Home


Eden Hill Women’s Sober Living Extended Care Program

Eden Hill is a transitional living facility for adult women in recovery. Located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in western Connecticut, Eden Hill offers a 12 Step based recovery program for women who are dedicated to living a rewarding life free from the destructive nature of drug and alcohol addiction.

The licensed, professional staff at Eden Hill is dedicated to developing individualized treatment programs that target the specific circumstances of each of our clients. Our therapeutic approach emphasizes a complete mind, body, and health approach as well as specialized counseling sessions that meet the unique needs of women in modern society. Family and friends are an integral part of treatment, and are encouraged to visit and participate in counseling and guidance sessions.

Our mission is to help our clients develop a workable life-plan that will help them re-transition into their community, and will provide comfort and support during recovery.

What is an Extended Care Drug
and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

Extended care drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is a facility that is not bound by the typical 30-, 60-, or 90-day cycle found at many recovery facilities. Those in treatment at extended care facilities stay under care until the client or patient is ready to return to her or his home community. There is no predetermined release time. This is important because everyone responds differently to treatment, and the flexibility offered by extended care facilities ensures a greater chance of success.

Extended care also includes post treatment care that is designed to help the individual maintain sobriety. The treatment may require participation in a 12 Step program, or regularly scheduled return visits to the original treatment center to reinforce the sober living concepts and practices learned during the original treatment.

Benefits of a Women’s Only Residential Addiction Program

A gender specific residential drug and alcohol has significant benefits. First, and foremost, it removes the inhibitions that tend to accompany mixed group settings. A women’s only programs allows clients to interact without imposing the tacit restrictions that different cultural, sexual, and political biases that accompany female/relationships – both personal and impersonal. The freedom that a women’s only program creates, allows a more complete exploration of the issues and problems that fuel drug and alcohol addiction, and opens the door to a shared understanding of how these problems affect women. This type of environment has a high rate of success in both recovery and relapse deterrence rates.

Why Choose Our Extended Care
Sober Living Program for Women

If you are truly dedicated to reclaiming your life as a sober woman, Eden Hill will devote all of its capabilities to that goal. At Eden Hill, you will be a member of a small community that allows for intensive one-on –one care from our fully credentialed staff, all of whom have the extensive academic, therapeutic, and practical background needed to develop and implement a treatment program tailored to you needs. Our programs emphasize the balance between personal reflection and community activities and are integrated in a holistic manner to address all aspects of an individual’s life. In addition, we realize that family and friends should not be excluded from the recovery process, and after a period of acclimation, they are encouraged to visit on weekends and participate in the many activities that are offered.

Besides the beautiful grounds and surrounding countryside, Eden Hill has access to a number of cultural, athletic, and social activities that again reinforce the concept of a complete individual. Whether it is skiing, hiking, the arts, or visiting the many National Landmarks and State Parks, residents of Eden Hill are able to find a number of endeavors that nurture and rejuvenate.

Our approach to co-occurring disorders

Upon admission to Eden Hill, the new resident will undergo a complete review of previous medical and addiction treatment records. Not only does this provide our staff with a complete profile of the surface issues, it also permits us to detect any Co-occurring disorders that may exist. The importance of this dual-diagnosis process cannot be underestimated. If another problem exists, it may be fueling the addiction and, if not addressed during treatment, recovery is not possible. Our extended care program permits us to create therapeutic programs that cover all contingencies that have an impact on addiction.

Connecticut Extended Care Rehab for Women

Extended care rehabilitation programs and facilities for women in and around Connecticut are extremely limited. Many are programs fall into the short or long-term categories of rehab, after which the clients are released from care, and are then referred to an aftercare program. Eden Hill is one of the few programs that is a true extended care program, with a minimum commitment of 60 days, and completion time that rests entirely with the individual client.

We are a member of NAATP.

For information about Men’s Extended Care and Sober Living in Connecticut, contact Turning Point at 203-937-2309 or visit their website at: www.tpextendedcare.com.